Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obrien Ford Mercury 2009 Ford Taurus SEL I saw the new 2009 Ford Taurus the other day as I drove by Obrien Ford Mercury, in Shelbyville Kentucky. I can't believe how nice the Taurus looks. I know the Taurus has been around for years, but the car is amazingly sporty and sophisticated all at the same time! Obrien Team Ford had so many vehicles at their Dealership. Obrien Ford and Mercury had so many pre-owned vehicles, too. My 15 year old daughter is always wanting to go to the Obrien Dealership to pick out her car for her 16th birthday. I'm just not sure if I am ready for her to be driving yet!! I'm sure that we will be making allot of trips to the Obrien Ford Service Department when she does!