Saturday, August 01, 2009

Live Balzout

I found a new website for Balzout clothing!! It is called Live Balzout. Finally, for those of us in the different parts of the country, can buy Balzout T-Shirts. Before, you practically had to live in West Virginia and go to the warehouse sales, now I can just order novelty t-shirts, or plus size t-shirts, or even t-shirt dresses with the Balzout logo on them! I've been told, that this is just the beginning of the Balzout fashions, that soon they will be coming out with even more Balzout fashions, more than just t-shirts, but men's fashion shirts! They already have fashion shirts for girls. I can't wait to see the fall fashions!! Way to go Live Balzout!! I'm Having a Hardcore Day!!