Monday, October 10, 2005

Sterling Silver Prayer Boxes

Sterling Silver Prayer Boxes from
These can be worn on a chain or charm bracelet. My daughter loves charm bracelets because she can personalize them. I just gave her a new one for her birthday with charms to remind her of all of the times we have spent together. I love these because they are Sterling Silver. They will last as long as our memories!

Stylish Roper Ladies Vests

Nag's Tack and Western has a beautiful ladies vest to go with that straw hat I told you about last week. And you're in luck-these vests are 20% off too!
Vests are so popular now. This one is reversible too.

Holiday Cookie Tins

Wholesale Bulk Cookies sells these wonderful cookie tins. Time to stock up for Christmas. They ship really well so we decided to donate some to the kids care packages that the school is sending to the troops in Iraq.

Flying Pest Control

Fly Web is for indoor use and attracts everything from the common house fly to yellowjackets. After luring them in it traps them on the adhesive trapping board. Neat idea, huh? I found this at

Cool Storage Solutions

Remember the penny candy at the corner store when you were a kid? That is exactly what I thought of when I saw these great Penny Jars from