Friday, February 24, 2006

Recreational Riding Helmet

A tough DuratecTM matte finish makes this Riding Helmet the choice for Western training and trail riders. The Laredo features silver concho accents and slightly extended visor for sun protection. Features: GPS IITM Dial Fit system and the Flip-FoldTM Fit System. Check out the complete collection from Nag's Tack and Western.

Citrus Basil Goat Milk Soap

ChickenMash Farm creates the most amazing Goat Milk Soap with lucious scents. This Citrus Basil Goat Milk Soap is one of my favorites. My husband even likes this scent. It's really great. Try it and find out for yourself.

Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit

Mille Lacs sells great chocolate so you won't be disappointed with this Solid Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit. It comes in a great Easter designed box from Greater Gourmet.

Natural Ground Buckwheat Flour

Do any of you have the wonderful childhood memory of Grandma making homemade buckwheat pancakes early on a Sunday morning? Well now you can make your own to relive those memories with Natural Ground Buckwheat Flour from Wholesale Bulk Foods.

Terro-PCO Ant Bait Station

If you prefer ant bait stations as opposed to the liquid then give Terro-PCO Ant Bait Stations a try. They come pre-filled and ready to use. No fuss, no muss! From Pest Control Products. Ants will enter, feed and return to the nest where they will pass on the Terro to the rest of the colony.