Friday, October 21, 2005

No Salt Seasonings

Cherchies NO SALT seasonings come in Lem'n Dill, Lem'n Herbs, and Garlic'n Herbs. Go to Greater Gourmet and buy your favorite. Your Thanksgiving turkey will taste better than ever.

Holiday Baking

I am getting ready for all of the Holiday baking and found this measuring cup at Yes Supply Company. They have everything from serving dishes to barware.

Mole Control

If moles are a problem in your yard then try Kaput® Mole Gel Bait or Adios Mole Killer ™ Not only does Pest Control Products have great prices but they have a wealth of useful information on their site to help you.

Cotton Duck Hooded Jacket

Cotton Duck Hooded Jacket is something I showed you before but Nag's Tack and Western has a great price on these just in time for cold weather. This is the olive colored one. I think I showed you the tan one last time. My husband loved his so much that I ordered him another one for work.

Unique Cookies

Wholesale Bulk Cookies offers these unique cookies that are sure to impress your guests. Award Baking International Carlsbad Oblaten Original or you can try the Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lemon, or Caramel.

Warm Vanilla Scented Goat Milk Soap

ChickenMash Farm has silky goat milk soaps in every scent you can imagine. This is their Warm Vanilla Goat Milk Soap. It just soothes you into relaxation.

MIlk Chocolate filled Wafer Cookies

Old World Foods has these wonderful wafer cookies from Austria. They have these in seven different flavors. One for everyday of the week!