Thursday, December 14, 2006

Beef Sticks

• Our great tasting all beef sticks in original or spicy.
• Individually vacuum packed for freshness.

Bait Trailer Lure

A bait designed especially for use as a spinner bail trailer.

Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook

Recipes for fun! With easy to follow instructions so kids know what to do at every step, this cookbook is bursting with recipes the whole family will enjoy. There's even recipes for Giant Bubble Mix and Homemade Face Paint.

Fielding Fine French Truffles 4 Piece Boxes Gold

One of the best snacks around andalways a holiday favorite.

“Twenty X” Micro Canvas Reversible 80/20 Goose Down Jacket

"Twenty X” black and red logo jacket on one side, turn it inside out and have a plain black 80/20 Goose Down jacket on the other side!