Monday, February 13, 2006

Red, White and Blueberry Hand Lotion

Red, White and Blueberry Hand Lotion from ChickenMash Farm is so incredibly wonderful. This has an awesome blueberry scent that you will fall in love with. My kids even love the scent.

Migrate* ReJeX-IT Sea Gull / Geese Repellent

I personally love geese but I know some people have so many that it seems they have taken over their property. If you want to deter geese from your property try out this new product from Pest Control Products. Migrate* ReJeX-IT is a taste deterrent. A non-toxic, easy to use, sprayable liquid that makes grass and water unpalatable to geese and many other birds.

Canvas Barn Coat from Nag's Tack and Western

Nag's Tack and Western is the most awesome place. I love this style of jacket on my husband. This is their Cripple Creek Canvas Barn Coat w/ Nubuck Leather Gun Patches. This is a true Man's jacket. Hunting or just outside on winter days this coat will keep you warm and looking hot!

Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mix

Do you enjoy the rich, smooth taste of a bloody mary? If so I think you will like the flavor of Sting Ray Bloody Mary Mix. If you want a house warming gift or a gift basket filler then this would be perfect. I found this at Greater Gourmet's online store.

Distressed Clay Sleeping Angels Shelf Sitters

The picture on these Distressed Clay Sleeping Angels does not do them justice. My daughter has a set of these sitting on her vanity and she loves them. These are from Annie Bee's angel collection. They are available in two different sizes and are sold in pairs.