Thursday, May 24, 2007

Venom Lures Fishing Lures

Venom Lures: Plastics

MegaStrike is comprised of the proper balance of amino acids and proteins to make the fish strike, hold onto, and consume our product. Our research indicates that fish need to consume specific amino acids and proteins to survive. MegaStrike is scientifically formulated to work in conjunction with the fishes Chemo receptors and olfactory glands using the exact combination of the fishes life yielding provisions
MegaStrike scent and our heavily salted plastics have made for a deadly combination.


Wonderful Summer Scent.

Wonderful summer scent! Citrus Basil Hand Lotion

A cool refreshing fragrance that will last all day while softening your skin. From ChickenMash Farm.


Gourmet Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Pete, Pretzel Nugget Bags, in a yummy Garlic and Cheese flavor from a new Gourmet Market on the net.