Monday, May 08, 2006

Super Summer Sunflower Hand Lotion

I wanted to share this Super Summer Sunflower Hand Lotion with all of you. By now you all know about the wonderful quality of all of ChickenMash Farms products. This is no exception. The feel and smell of summer is captivated into this lotion.

Hot Foot Gel Bird Repellent

Hot Foot Gel Bird Repellent from Pest Control Products is totally different from traditional tactile repellents. Its chemical formula is so different that it carries a worldwide patent and a two year performance guarantee to control Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, and small Gulls. Works gret-give it a try.

Ranch Saddles, by Tex Tan "Kamas"

Awesome Ranch Saddle by Tex Tan. I found it at Nag's Tack and Western's website. They carry only the best in saddles. Here are the specs on this beauty..
TREE: 16" Bullhide. Full QH Bars.
HORN: 3 1/4" Cap x 3" High.
CANTLE: 4 1/4"
SWELL: 10 1/2"
RIGGING: 7/8 Flat Plate Rig.
COLOR: Russet.
WEIGHT: 45 lbs.

P Nuttles Butter Toffee Cashews

We pack some of these P Nuttles in our picnic baskets, backpacks and beach bags everytime we go anywhere. They taste great and they travel very well. They kids love them as much as I do and they are much healthier than chips and snack cakes. I order mine from Greater Gourmet.