Thursday, June 01, 2006

Attic Vent Covers

Pest Control Products has a wonderful collection of Attic Vent Covers in a wide array of sizes. Each is made of galvanized no rust mesh. They will even send custom sizes to you if you just send them your measurements.

Silly Father's Day Gift

Give Dad a silly gift for Father's Day. His very own jar of "Fish Bait". Gummie Fish Bait with Worms will tickle dad's funny bone and give him a great big smile. I bet he will even share them with you! Order thenms soon for father's day delivery from Greater Gourmet.

Big Boy DJ / Tack Case

The spaciousness and durability of these large cases is ideal for traveling DJ's and Tack equipment for horse lovers, tradeshow cases and a multiplicity of other uses that would require a secure large case. Interiors are lined with fine mesh durable carpet or with customized shipping case foam. Leave it to Nag's Tack and Western to bring you the best in tack cases.

Doggy Scrapbooks

Barma's Doggery is a fairly new site with alot of great pet items. They have just added a line of Pet Scrapbooks like the one I have pictured here. Click on one of the links above and check them out for yourself.

Chamomile Bath Salts

ChickenMash Farm wants you to relax so they created these wonderful Chamomile Bath Salts for you to enjoy in your next bath. Chamomile relieves wind or sun burned skin. Contains Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt & Chamomile flowers.