Monday, August 07, 2006

Ca Peachios Butter Flavored Cracker

Try these awesome Ca Peachios Butter Flavored Crackers from Greater Gourmet. The buttery flavor will soothe your palet. An awesome buttery smooth yet crunchy cracker just screams gourmet in every bite.

Cucumbers & Cream Hand Lotion

Cucumbers & Cream Hand Lotion has a wonderful light cucumber scent. Luscious, silky smooth lotion that will pamper your skin to the core. Contains fragrance oil. ChickenMash Farm is the best.

Tube Trap Squirrel Trap

The Tube Trap is a 4-inch diameter, 21 gauge steel tube, which measures 15 inches in length. The trap is powered by a double torsion spring and provides years of service. This lethal squirrel trap is easily attached under a soffit using drywall screws, or will sit in a gutter. The trap itself is an attractant, leveraging the squirrel’s instinct to run through or hide in an enclosure. The Tube Trap also can be used in a baited manner by placement directly on the trap pan. Check it out at Pest Control Products.

Woodpecker Repeller Spray

Non-toxic spray solution designed to provide initial protective skin to cover repaired areas or as a control measure product on areas where woodpecker damage is anticipated. This Woodpecker Spray Repeller works wonders! Check it out at Pest Control Products online store.

Montana Silversmith's Western Belt Buckles

Nag's Tack and Western is one of my all time favorite places to shop online. Lucky for me their physical store is close enought that I can visit that too if I need something right away. They are very friendly and so helpful everytime I deal with them. This was one of my latest finds- Medium Oval Eagle Buckle made by Montana Silversmith's.