Friday, September 07, 2007

Verduijn Coffee Waiffers

Verduijn Waiffers from Wholesale Bulk Cookies. This is a wonderful online store that carries every kind of cookie from all over the world that you could possibly think of. This one pictured is a wonderful Coffee Waffer from Verduijn Company.


Mulling Spices

Now is a great time to stock up before the cool autumn nights creep up on us. ChickenMash Farm has a whole line of all natural foods including these Mulling Spices from Aspen. Warm cider or hot tea on a cool night by the fire....nothing better!


Natural Colored Shrimp Fishing Lure

Salt water bait at a great price from Venom Lures!
Venom Lures: Real Bait, Sea Shrimp
Why use a normal plastic bait when "Real Bait" out fishes all the rest. Made with high concentrated of real bait fish. So much inherit ingredients go into "Real Bait" they have to be hand poured.