Monday, October 17, 2005

Justin Ladies Boots is the place to find these Justin Ladies boots with J-FLEX® COMFORT SYSTEM insoles. These are really comfortable.

For your Business Associates-Asst. Chocolates

As a small business I am always looking for a creative gift to give to my business associates as a way of saying thank you for your business. Greater Gourmet is where I found this Business Card Folio with assorted chocolates.

Cylinder Vase is the place to find these trendy Cylinder Vases . Pick up some of those glass gems or polished stones I told you about and you have an instant show piece.

Great Camping Item

We use Instant Soap' n Water® on all of our camping trips, but have realized that we use it everywhere. It is a must for those quick stops at the drive thru.


I have these awesome pillows on my bed and they look wonderful. The deep rich color is so inviting. Annie Bee's has these pillows for $24.97 each.

Jila Sugarfree Gum

I bought some of this gum from Old World Foods for my diabetic nephew, because it is always nice to try new treats. But for diabetics they have little variety in the way of candy and gum.

Chamomile Bath Salts

A luxury you can't afford to miss. Chamomile Bath Salts are the ultimate in luxury. The scent is amazing and helps you relax your cares away. It actually helps wind or sunburned skin, too.

Bahlsen Zoo Cookies

Wholesale Bulk Cookies is a great place to find these Bahlsen Zoo Cookies that my kids like for me to put in their school lunch. Anytime I can add fun to their lunch it is a good thing.

ATA Caddy Case

The Caddy Case is American Beauty Custom Cases most popular cases. That's probably because of it's versatility and telescoping rubber padded handle.