Thursday, March 08, 2007

100 % Soy Wax Candles Sale!

When I logged on to ChickenMash Farm's website today I was thrilled to find out they are having a sale on their 3.7 oz. Soy Wax Candles. They are selling a 3 pack for only $8.00! Time to stock up on all my favorites.


An amazing new bait!

Venom Lures: New "Too Wackee Craw"An amazing new bait! The "Too Wackee Craw" triggers the natural predator instinct of both largemouth and small mouth bass. On the drop, slow twitching or swim and twitch the "Too Wackee Craw" is absolutely awesome. If they are there, they will eat it. Each bait is hand poured, loaded with salt and saturated with Mega Strike. They also include a weedless sickle hook so you can fish the "Too Wackee Craw" in any type of structure.


Pesto Italian Pasta Salad Mix

Pesto Italian Pasta Salad Mix features 12 ounces Orrechiette pasta, perfectly cupped to capture the colorful Italian flavors in each package. For wonderful addition ideas to spice up your pasta mix to suit your individual tastes then check out the Greater Gourmet site.