Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Autumn Flower Arrangements

Annie Bee's is now offering some absolutely stunning floral arrangements. This was my favorite because I love calla lillies. Great Fall color in an elegant arrangement perfect for any decor.

Chicken Soup for your Soul

Leave it to Greater Gourmet to find the absolute best chicken soup for your soul. Stock up for those inevitable winter colds.

Show Saddles

Equestrian Elite is one of the best looking show saddles I have seen. My son has gotten quite a few compliments on his new saddle. Nag's Tack and Western has a great selection of saddles. Go check them out.

Gift Baskets You'll Love to Give

ChickernMash Farm has put together these terrific Gift Baskets just in time for the Holidays. I chose this one because I think it would be a great gift for the kids teachers.

Get rid of those Ladybugs

Flytrap Professional (BEST ladybug trap) lives up to it's name. It seems like we have more and more ladybugs in our house every year. Every other way we have tried to get rid of them has failed miserably. Thank heavens I found Pest Control Products.

Seasonal Glassware

Yes Supply Company has a wonderful collection of seasonal glassware at great prices. At these prices you could decorate the whole house.

Mini Pastry Cups

I like it when I find something that makes it seem like I spent hours in the kitchen when it was actually just a few minutes. These Mini Party Cups by Van Rooy will impress your guests without chaining you to the kitchen all night.