Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Honey Toasted Granola Snacks

Honey Toasted Granola Snack from the best gourmet shop on the web, Greater Gourmet. Loaded with crunchy, honey toasted sunflower kernels, toasted whole rolled oats, wheat flakes, a touch of brown sugar and coconut. It will wake up your taste buds. No milk or cereal bowl required-just open and enjoy. Great for snacking anytime.


Earthtone Nesting Bowl Set

Earthtone Nesting Bowl Set from ChickenMash Farm. I love the vibrant colors of these gorgeous bowls. Perfect fro casual or formal dining.


Milktreuse Colored Curly Grub Lures

Venom Lures: Curly Grubs
Curly venom grubs are known across the country for their super softness and unequaled action.