Friday, June 09, 2006

Fresh Linen Scented Goat Milk Lotion

ChickenMash Farms has quickly become one of my favorite shoppes online. They sell the best products and now they are branching out into natural foods. What will they think of next? This Fresh Linen Scented Goat Milk Lotion I have featured is an awesome pure scented lotion. Leaves you feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

Harry London $100 Bill Changemaker

You know Harry London creates wonderfully sinful chocolates and these are no exception. Harry London $100 Bill Changemaker Mint Chocolates. Grab one for your next gathering and watch everyone gather around the money pit! I ordered mine from Greater Gourmet while shopping online one day.

Montana Silversmiths Gold Plated Hearts Earrings

Check out the latest find on Nag's Tack and Western. Montana Silversmiths Gold Plated Hearts Earrings - Gold electroplated hearts surrounded by silver plated vines and leaves dazzle the eye. Earring posts are hypo-allergenic surgical steel for additional strength. Absolutely beautiful for any occasion.

Dr. T's Snake Trap

Dr. T's Snake Traps allow for the humane capture and removal of snakes from where you live, work and play. It is the only snake trap that is both safe and effective at removing snakes from home, garage, workshop, warehouse, boathouse or other areas where snakes are a nuisance. · Inexpensive · biodegradable · humane
Available from Pest Control Products.