Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gourmet Chocolates from Denmark

Koppers Rum Cordial from Old World Foods are delicious. Just try not to eat the whole box! These are so good you'll wonder if you want to share. Hide them away-I won't tell if you don't!

DJ Case-Big Boy ATA Cases

Perfect for the DJ or traveling band. This case is plenty big enough for any job at 36"x20"x25". Great ATA shipping container with padlock brackets.

Beehive Jars

Great look for Fall. Wine Glasses and More has these wonderful Beehive Jars just in time for Fall. They are so pretty when on display.

Elegant Votives-Weddings, Banquets, etc.

This past weekend we went to a friends wedding and they had the most beautiful Votive center pieces at the reception. When I complimented her on them, she told me that she had gotten them from Yes Supply Company I wasn't surprised, but what did surprise me was to find out that they were less than $1 each!

Cobweb Eliminator

With half of our family having allergies, I have to keep the cobwebs clear from the basement and garage. I didn't know that cobwebs can collect dust, pollen and even mold until our Dr. warned me about it. I found this Web-Away® Cobweb CleanUP at Pest Control Products.

Silver Wine Bottle Holder

Fine Art and Gift Depot has the perfect thing to impress your dinner guests. This Silver Wine Bottle Holder is breathtaking. It will be the show piece on any dinner table no matter how formal. Your guests will swear it cost you a small fortune, so why tell them any different? *wink*

Get your Animals Show Ready

This cleaner can be used on most animals from your cat to your cattle. The 32oz. size is ready and easy to use with the hose attachment. Cleans without scrubbing-but that's the only part of a bath that my dog likes. Nag's Tack and Western sells the 32oz size for only $12.99

Cadbury Milk Chocolate Finger

These Milk Chocolate Fingers are just the thing for that late night cravings. Who am I kidding? Chocolate cravings happen all day long for me. Wholesale Bulk Foods can satisfy even the toughest cravings.