Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Angel Sphere

All week I have been featuring the Angel Collection from Annie Bee's, but I just want you to know that they have a huge selection of gifts and jewelry. This is one of their Angel Spheres. It is stunning. Simple but elegant.

PBR 'Silver Ribbon' Wool Vest

Professional Bull Rider outerwear by Cripple Creek is cutting edge outerwear at its best. This is their 'Silver Ribbon' Wool Vest. It is made from 80% Wool / 20% Viscose. I found this great vest at Nag's Tack and Western. It is so nice and is on sale right now. Check it out.

Lavender Bath Salts for Sore Muscles

Are you keeping up with that New Years resolution and working out to get in shape? I have been trying to keep up with my workouts and I have to admit that I miss a few workouts. Because of this I try to over do it when I do get the time in for a workout causing sore muscles. These Lavender Bath Salts from ChickenMash Farm contain Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and lavender flowers. This combination just relaxes my sore muscles away everytime I use them. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Opossum, Skunk, Raccoon, Woodchuck Bait

Pest Control Products sells bait for every situation. This is their Urban Wildlife Bait by Jameson. This universal paste bait has quite an impressive track record. It has been used by professional trappers and ADC personnel for 20 plus years. This enticing bait is the result of many years of scent formulation experience. U. W. B. is an effective fox & coyote bait also. Virtually cat-proof by nature.

Mrs. Prindable's Easter Basket Celebration Apples

Mrs. Prindable's reputation speaks for itself. Everyone loves them. We bought a few as Christmas gifts and liked them so much that we ended up keeping most of them for ourselves! This is the Mrs. Prindable's Easter Basket Celebration Apple. Fill the kids baskets with these and they have the pleasure of the chocolate with a healthy apple hidden underneath. See it makes everyone happy. Order today from Greater Gourmet.