Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bulk Kosher Foods

Honest TeaPomegranate Red Goji Tea. I'm always looking for Kosher Foods and Beverages. This Pomegranate Tea taste so good that I have to hide it from my children. Since I buy it by the case at Bulk Kosher Foods website, I don't get too upset when they find it!

Bulk Organic Snacks

CharlemagneDark Chocolate & OrangeOrganic Chocolates. I don't know what it is about Chocolate and Oranges, but I love them both! Especially when it is in a Dark Chocolate Bar. I am able to buy them by the case at Bulk Organic Snacks.

It's All About BBQ

Madhouse MunchiesFire Sweet Mesquite BBQKettle Cooked Potato Chips. I love Kettle Cooked Potato Chips! Madhouse Munchies are one of my favorites. You can get them from It's All About BBQ. I have to get them by the case because when my kids have their friends over, I can't seem to keep enough around!

Basket Blossoms

Welcome Baby Baby Bassinet- Blue or Pink. This is sooooo cute!!! My sister is having a baby and I found her this cute gift basket on Basket Blossoms website. She is having a girl, so I know her daughter will use the basket for her dolls when she gets a little older. If you are ever looking for a special gift you need to check out Basket Blossoms!

NAG's Tack & Western

NAG's Tack & Western. I've got a Horse Show to go to next week in Kentucky. When I started surfing the net to find some really cool Western Wear, I found this website, NAG's Tack & Western. I love their clothing! There is so much more too!!! I think I will fit right in with all the clothes that I bought!

Ohio Signature Beef

Jerky Lovers Gift Box, 3 packs of Country Style 3 packs of Hickory Flavor. My son is going off to college soon. I've added this gift box of Jerky to his collection of items for school. This way he wont have to walk all over campus to try to find one of his comfort foods! I found this jerky on the Ohio Signature website.

Chicken Mash Farms

Home Recipe Pumpkin Butter, spread on biscuits, toast, cornbread or try it on ice cream. I found these products on Chickenmash Farms website. I heard that pumpkin items were good for you, so I wanted to try some. Well, they are not only good for you, but taste great too!