Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Angel / Cherub Sculpture for Your Garden

I collect angels so I was so happy when I found the Annie Bee's website. Annie Bee's has a complete collection of angel/cherub merchandise. This is their Heavenly Cherub Sculpture. This is so cute. I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so I can put it in my garden for everyone to see. I love the classical stone finish. Yes, it is weatherproof, so it will grace your garden for years to come.

Plumeria Scented Body Spray

Chickenmash Farm has a great scent for those with sensitivity to strong perfume scents. This Plumeria Scented Body Spray is a delicate smelling moisturizing body spray with lotion. Packaged in 8.5 ounce spray bottles that creates a fine mist for your entire body. I like to buy extras to add to gift baskets. Just a reminder that Mother's Day is coming soon!

Bobcat Trap

Ok, when I said that Pest Control Products had a cure for any pest that was a problem for you, I wasn't kidding. If bobcats are a problem for you, here is a cure. This Bobcat Trap is 48" x 15" x 22"H cage trap with a solid back. Good for coyotes, fox, dogs, etc. Here in the Midwest we have a growing coyote problem. Great tool for you farmers or ranchers.

Diabetic Orange Marmalade

Until my nephew was diagnosed with Diabetes, I had never put much thought into the fact that almost everything has some form of sugar in it. Now before he comes for a visit or for a family dinner I try to stock up on every sugar free food I can find. I found this Sugar Free Orange Marmalade at the Greater Gourmet site. They also have Sugar Free Strawberry Jam.

Rhinestone Scroll Boar Suede Shirt

When I first found this Rhinestone Studded Boar Suede Shirt I felt like breaking into song..."Like a rhinestone cowboy..." I guess it would be cowgirl in this case. If you want authentic western wear you have to visit Nag's Tack and Western online store. They have the most awesome shirts, coats even boots! Check them out.