Friday, February 10, 2006

Window Corner SItter Angel

I have one of these Corner Sitter Angels hanging on the door frame of my daughters room. She loves it and it is a little reminder that Angels are watching over our angel. This is from Annie Bee's angel collection. Will sit on bookcases, windows, even mirrors.

Need a Unique Bridal Shower Gift

I found this unique Honeymoon Goat Milk Soap at the Chickenmash Farm website and decided to try it. I need the extra moisture for my skin during the Winter months. I told my mom about this great soap and she decided to order some to put in her bed and breakfasts Honeymoon Suite. The guests always comment on it and usually buy an extra as a little keepsake to take home with them.

Two-Tone Ladies Necklace

While I was surfing Nag's Tack and Western site last night I found this gorgeous Ladies Two-Tone Necklace. I get excited when I find gold and silver combo jewelry because I can wear anything with it. I really like the classic look of this necklace.

Woodpecker Spray Repellent

If the constant knocking of a woodpecker's beak is driving you crazy then Pest Control Products has the solution. Don't they always? This Woodpecker Spray Repellent is a good control measure. Give it a try.

Gourmet Salsa Seasoning

Greater Gourmet sells a wide selection of seasonings and this Salsa Seasoning is one of my favorites. JalapeƱo hot, but you can control the degree of heat. To make a quick and mildly hot salsa, add four tablespoons to one can of diced tomatoes, five or more to make even hotter. The uses are endless on this one.