Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wellesley Engraved Baby Frame

If you have a baby shower gift to buy soon, check out this Engraved Baby Frame that I am sure any new mom will cherish for years to come.

Cobalt Cafe Mug

I found the perfect place to buy beautiful Mugs for those warm Chai drinks I told you about. Yes Supply Company sells wholesale, so tell your husband it was a deal too good to pass up.

Terrific Man's Watch

Wow! This is a gorgeous man's watch from Montana Silversmiths. Nag's Tack and Western has this watch on sale right now. Men really like the Longhorn logo.

Wine Gift Bags

Wine Glasses and More has great prices and these Wine Gift bags are no exception. Get them now so you are ready for the Holiday dinner invitations that are sure to come.

Glue Traps for Mice Control

The CATCHMASTER 48R takes care of those nasty mice that seem to find a way indoors every year. How do they get in anyway? Yuk! You can find these and other mice control products at Pest Control Solutions

Mocafe Chai, Vanilla Chai Powder

I think the colder weather is starting to get to me. I seem to be stocking up on all the warm, comforting things I love so much. If you have never tried a warm mug of Vanilla Chai drink then you honestly do not know what you are missing. Go to Greater Gourmet and stock up on this Mocafe Chai, Vanilla Chai Powder and then cuddle up in your favorite chair with a good book and watch your stress melt away. *heavy sigh*

Lady Walton's White Chocolate Amaretto

Lady Walton's White Chocolate Amaretto cookies from Wholesale Bulk Cookies are wonderful. I always have these set out for my parents when they come to visit, because they are the perfect compliment with coffee or tea. They are beautifully packaged for giving as Christmas gifts or to your friends at the "Red Hat Society".

Cappuccino Soy Wax Candle

These Cappuccino Soy Wax Candle's smell so good that everyone that visits your home will swear that you own your own cappuccino machine. I love the aroma of these candles. ChickenMash Farms saves you money when you buy them in lots of three, so stock up for the Holidays.

Italian Olive Oil

Lucini Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight from Italy. I heard somewhere that when buying olive oil you should always make sure it is from Italy to make sure you get all the health benefits possible. Old World Foods makes it easy for me to find the best olive oil available.

Overnight Case

This is a perfect sized overnight case. This is the case that I will be using for my camera and lenses. Much better made than anything I have found on the Net. Just like all of American Beauty's cases, the interior is custom made to your specs. This means my lenses are snug and safe and not rolling around causing damage to my camera. Only $99!