Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Salt Water Fishing Bait Lures

Venom Lures: Sea Swimmers
The Sea Swimmers has the largest thumping tail of any bait of it's size. Big vibrations along with "Real Bait" make it irresistible.


Horseradish Mustard

I found the perfect mustard for deviled eggs and potato salad. ChickenMash Farm's Hot and Zesty Horseradish Mustard! Adds just the right zing to spice up your favorite recipe.


Smoky Bacon Chipotle Sauce

Time to get Grillin'! We can't wait to fire up the barbeque and one of our favorite foods to grill is Chipotle flavored ribs. I ordered some of Greater Gourmet's Bronco Bob's Smoky Bacon Chipotle Sauce yesterday. I think the family will love the Smoked Bacon Chipotle flavor.