Monday, October 24, 2005

Pewter Finish Candlestick

Fine Art and Gift Depot is where I found this awesome pewter finish candlestick. Add this to your Thanksgiving table too! I can't wait to set my table with all of these new things.

Handpainted Wine Glasses

Wouldn't these Handpainted Wine Goblets make your Thanksgiving table look elegant? Make it a feast fit for a king.

Lawn Spray Unit

Complete pumping system, pre-tested and ready for operation from Pest Control Products. It comes with a Honda 5.5 HP engine mounted on a base plate with HYPRO D30 twin diaphram pump. You can have this changed to a Briggs & Stratton 5HP IP.

Custom Made Guitar Cases

Custom Case Portfolio projects from American Beauty Custom Cases. This is a custom designed guitar case made with the highest quality craftsmanship. You spend so much for those musical instruments so it only makes sense to protect them the best you can.

Home Sweet Home

My Grandma would have loved the mear color of these candles, and any scent that would have reminded her of home she would have bought stock in. ChickenMash Farm has this brightly colored candle in Home Sweet Home scent.

Katherine Beecher Butter Toasted Peanut Tin is a must for your Super Bowl Party. Even men have discriminating tastes when it comes to their football foods. Just teasing guys!

Wonderful Gift of Jewelry

I love the two tone brilliance of this bracelet from Nag's Tack and Western. This gorgeous bracelet will compliment any of the jewerly you already have. It is on sale too! What more could you want?

Sander's Assorted Chocolates

Everyone loves to get chocolate for any occassion, but at Christmas it seems like the perfect gift. At least to me it is the perfect gift. Greater Gourmet has a wide selection of Sander's Holiday Chocolate.