Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Soothe your Skin with Almond Vanilla Body Spray

ChickenMash Farm creates wonderful scents and this is one of their most popular and for good reason. Almond Vanilla Body Spray is an awesome blend of moisturizing fragrance and lotion. Your skin will soak it up while you enjoy the fresh soothing scent.

Elsa's Story Brown Sugared Butter Cookies

Elsa's Story Brown Sugared Butter Cookies are a luxury your mouth will thank you for. They are made with the finest ingredients, so they are melt in your mouth delicious. I really like these Brown Sugared Butter Cookies with hot tea or coffee. Would be great with a hot cup of cocoa too. My kids like to eat them that way. I found these at the Old World Foods website.

A Wonderful Treat-Cherchies Gourmet Jelly

If you want to try something new and exciting why not try Gourmet Jellies from Greater Gourmet. I have to admit I was apprehensive at first but after I tried these I was hooked. My favorite was the Lem'n Hot Pepper, but the Roasted Garlic Hot Pepper and Cranberry Hot Pepper were very good also. Don't knock it until you try it. When I was a kid my Grandmother would make Hot Pepper Jelly so this was just a different twist on that flavor.

Trapper 24/7 Humane Live Mouse Trap

Pest Control Products carries everything you can imagine in pest control including this Humane Live Rodent Trap-Trapper 24/7. Without a doubt, Trapper 24/7 is the best live humane mouse traps on the planet. TRAPPER 24/7 is the newest innovation that combines function and style in a multiple catch trap and is ideal for monitoring and/or trapping. Effective for both mice and insects.

Wrangler Lightweight Microfiber Caped Back Jacket

This is a great Jacket from Wrangler. It is a Lightweight Microfiber Caped Back Jacket and is available from Nag's Tack and Western Online Store. On sale right now too.