Friday, January 27, 2006

Valentine Sour Hearts Candy

My kids love sour candy so I am buying each of them a bag of these Jelly Belly Petite Sour Hearts from Greater Gourmet. I also thought they would make a cute Valentine's Day gag gift for your Ex! Talk about "sour grapes".

Cowboy Hat Tie for Your Cowboy

I know how hard it is to get a true cowboy out of the denim and workboots, so why not try this Cowboy Hat Tie next time you need your man to dress up. It makes the transition easier on them since they can wear a little cowboy with that suit. You can order this and other western style ties from Nag's Tack and Western.

Cucumbers & Cream Soy Wax Candle

This is my mom's favorite Scented Soy Wax Candle from Chickenmash Farm. It has a light creamy cucumber scent. Very light and refreshing. Mom has allergies and this is one of the few candles she can burn without any irritation. I always buy her a few for Mother's Day.

Wholesale Bulk Dried Diced Pineapple

Wholesale Bulk Foods sells every kind of dried fruit imaginable.
They sell Dried Pineapple in Diced, Slices and Wedges. It is available in 11lb. and 44 lb. sizes. Makes a great healthy snack for the whole family.

Fly & Gnat Control with Time Mist Aerosol Dispenser

This is the complete package for season long gnat and fly control. Use this Time Mist Aerosol Dispenser and it will take care of your indoor pest problems. 1 unit will usually do the job. Very Large homes or adverse conditions may require 2 units. This purchase includes all that is shown. (1) Dispenser(2) Batteries(3) Purge III Canisters all from Pest Control Products.