Wednesday, September 27, 2006


My husband knows how much I like a man in boots and a Ten-Gallon hat. Unfourtunately he never knew this and now wants to please me. He's in luck thankfully since Nag's Tack and Western is having a 20% off sale on Justin Western style boots.


I woke up this morning in a chocolate frenzy. I couldn't get my mind off the sensual taste it has to offer but I had none at all! There I found myself in a dilemma. So I hopped on the computer and searched the internet until I arrived at Greater Gourmet. At last I found the best in chocolates with their 77% cacao bars! Thankfully my craving was satisfied, until next time...


Featured item this month at Chicken Mash Farm "Apples & Cinnamon" fragrances. Smells like apple pie. Perfect gift for teachers. Hand wrapped in apple fabric. Contains fragrance oil. What more could a girl ask more, perhaps more money to spend on this site!