Monday, May 15, 2006

Easy Care™ Crate Pad

Your pet called-he wants you to pick him up a new Orthopedic Foam Easy Care™ Crate Pad on your way home from the office. Pet Beds Etc. makes and sells these great ped crate pads with Orthopedic Foam. Easy to clean, machine washable!

Sideboard Sweets New York Cheesecake

One of my favorite desserts is New York Style Cheesecake. I like almost all flavors of cheesecake, but my favorite is just plain New York Style. This is one of my favorites because I can just bring up Greater Gourmet's web storefront and order all the cheesecake I need and they deliver it right to my door. Isn't that SWEET!

Drax Dual Ant Control

Drax Dual Ant Control is a whole new approach that covers all bases of ant control. It comes with two, count them two, gel bait tubes. One for sweet feeding ants & one for grease feeding ants. Another great Pest Control Products solution.

AQHA All American Show Saddle

This is an absolutely beautiful AQHA All American Show Saddle. You won't believe the detail on the hand engraved Sterling Silver trim. They should have named this one the Show Stopper! Check it out at Nag's Tack and Western.

Plumeria Hand Lotion

This Light Scented Plumeria Hand Lotion is the perfect scent to say hello to summer. Fresh clean scent made with real goat milk to nourish your skin. To order go to the ChickenMash Farm website.