Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Whittard English Breakfast Tea

The best way I have found to start my day is with a hot brewed cup of tea like this Whittard Loose Leaf Tea Tin English Breakfast Tea. It is a fresh and smooth flavored tea that I buy from Greater Gourmet. Time for a spot of tea!

Cowgirl Up Ladies Knit Pants

Everyone loves the latest fashions from Cowgirl Up and these great Ladies Knit Track Pants are no exception. Slightly Dropped Waist With Adjustable Drawstring * Great Casual Style. Tonal "Cowgirl U" Embroidery for sale at Nag's Tack and Western.

Lilac Scented Body Spray

I am sending a bottle of this Wonderful Lilac Scented Lotion Body Spray to my sisters for mother's day because as kids we used to play in our Grandma's backyard and she had the most amazing smelling Lilac bush. We used to help Grandma cut fresh Lilacs for the dinner table. If this little gift helps them to remember those childhood memories then mission accomplished! Thanks ChickenMash Farm!

Temp Vent Automatic Foundation Vents

The non-powered, Automatic Foundation Vent will open and close automatically using a heat/cold sensitive coil. The louvers open completely at approximately 72°F and completely close at approximately 38°F. Unlike manual vents that can waste energy when no one remembers to open or close them, these vents self-adjust all year long. Check out the color choices at Pest Control Products online store.