Friday, January 06, 2006

Delicious Apple Strudel

This is the best Apple Strudel I have ever had. Crispy layers of phyllo dough filled with freshly sliced apples combined with cinnamon and spices. La Fina sells only the best in Gourmet desserts to go with their wonderful coffee.

Cotton Blossom Scented Body Spray

I thought I would show you the Cotton Blossom Scented Body Spray to go along with the Soy wax candle from yesterday. I really like this scent. It is so unique. Clean and fresh, like you just stepped out of the shower. Chickenmash Farm adds lotion to it's body spray for extra moisture.

Stop dogs from barking with Bark Free

Bark Free from Pest Control Products is a humane way to train your new pet or puppy. It is an effective & humane way to stop dogs from barking, developed by veterinary technicians. Works for your neighbors dog too.

Asian Home Gourmet Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup

Great taste of Asian Cooking in your own kitchen. I'll warn you that this Szechaun Hot and Sour Soup is hot, but full of yummy flavor. Greater Gourmet has added a whole ethnic food section to their site. Go check it out.