Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ant Free Picnic with Maxforce Ant Bait

What would a picnic be without a few ants? Heaven right? lol Treat the yard with this Maxforce Ant Bait Granule and then just sit back and enjoy your picnic. Check it out at Pest Control Products online store. Don't let any pest ruin y our outdoor fun.

Go Nuts- It's Picnic Time!

Here's a perfect snack, that's perfectly packaged for your summer time picnic. Greater Gourmet has a whole selection of gourmet nuts from peanuts to pecans. These are their Honey Toasted Cashews in a 16oz. family size. So pack up and head out and have some fun, fun, fun in the sun!

Bag up a Beach Picnic

Head to the beach in style with this Ladies Weekender bag from Nag's Tack and Western. Single compartment with inside zipper pocket. Adjustable/detachable shoulder strap. Vegetable tanned mahogany leather trim, brown chrome leather and Brindle hair.

Hot and Zesty Horseradish Mustard

Bring on the dogs! Hotdogs that is. Take this Hot and Zesty Horseradish Mustard on your next picnic and your taste buds will be dancing all night long. Great spicy mustard spread. Order up!-at ChickenMash Farms