Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smell Baby Fresh

Baby Powder Hand Lotion is so pure smelling that you will want to use it everyday for that fresh clean feeling. A fresh baby powder smell. Contains fragrance oil. Perfect for all members of the family. Check it out at ChickenMash Farm.


Copper and Orange colored Lure

Green Pumpkin Copper with Orange Claws Venom Lures: New "Too Wackee Craw"
An amazing new bait! The "Too Wackee Craw" triggers the natural predator instinct of both largemouth and small mouth bass. On the drop, slow twitching or swim and twitch the "Too Wackee Craw" is absolutely awesome. If they are there, they will eat it. Each bait is hand poured, loaded with salt and saturated with Mega Strike. They also included a weedless sickle hook so you can fish the "Too Wackee Craw" in any type of structure.


Gluten Free Meatloaf Mix

Mixes From The Heartland Gluten Free Jalapeno Meat Loaf Mix are perfect for spicing things up for dinner. Just add 3# ground beef to make 2 large meat loaves.