Thursday, September 14, 2006

Organized Cosmetic Case for Holiday Gift Giving

If you are anything like me it seems like you always need a new cosmetic bag. Well look no furture. I have found the best and it's made by American West so you know you can trust the quality. Nag's Tack and Western carries a huge line of American West Leather Goods including this Organized Cosmetic Case for less than $50.00!

Spinach and Artichoke Snack

If you haven't tried a dip made with spinach and artichokes then where have you been? It seems like it has become a staple on most restaurant menus. I found the perfect cheese to create your own dip at Greater Gourmet. Spinach and Artichoke Cheese by Simpley Grand is truly worth the money.

Peppermint Twist Hand Lotion

It's never too soon to start that Christmas shopping so I figured I would feature a great stocking stuffer from ChickenMash Farm. This Peppermint Twist Hand Lotion smells invigorating! I like to add these in gift baskets for family and friends. It's a silky smooth goat milk lotion that is sure to become a winter favorite of many.

Banana Scent Fruit Fly Trap

Banana Scent Fruit Fly Trap is a must have from Pest Control Products online store. Safe to use in Homes, Restaurants, Hospitals, Pet Shops, Day Care Centers, Nursing Homes, Food Serving and FoodPreparation Areas.