Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Splendid Chocolates "MOM" Chocolate Bar

Greater Gourmet sells these novelty chocolate bars for Mother's Day. Splendid Chocolates "Mom” Chocolate Bars are delicious and make beautiful little gifts for mom. Church's can buy these by the case to hand out to female members on Mother's Day. A great alternative to flowers.

Larry Mahan Straw Hats by Milano Hat Company

Larry Mahan Straw Hats by Milano Hat Company are available from Nag's Tack and Western. This is their 10X Ranch Hand Straw Hat. Nag's is running an end of season sale on all of their straw hats. Click on the links above to check out the deals.

Pantry Moth/Beetle Trap Kit

Pest Control Products sells this Food Pest Kit to help control moths/beetles in your food pantry. 2 Hanging Traps for Indian Meal Moth and 2 pitfall traps for moths and beetle pantry pests. The hanging NoSurvivor traps are specifically designed for capturing stored food moths. The pheromone with these traps will attract male Indian Meal Moth and Mediterranean Flour Moth. The PantryPatrol pitfall trap is specifically designed to captured stored food beetles. Pheromone is incorporated into a food attractant gel. This combination has been known to attract over 20 species of stored product beetles. Although the PantryPatrol is designed as a beetle trap, we have also included a pheromone for stored food moths to help monitor these pests as well.

Happy Gardener Hand Lotion with Natural Bug Repellent

Those who enjoy the outdoors will really appreciate this Happy Gardner Hand Lotion. Citronella and eucalyptus essential oils are natural bug repellents which are added into this lotion. Created by ChickenMash Farm.