Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gourmet Dell'Amore Portabello Pasta Sauce

Want to melt your man's heart with a wonderful gourmet meal, then try this Gourmet Dell'Amore Portabello Pasta Sauce from Greater Gourmet. The velvety flavor of these imported Italian mushrooms is the foundation for this delicious tomato marinara sauce.

Lavender Foot Cream

Lavender Foot Cream is the latest and greatest thing from ChickenMash Farm. A cool refreshing foot cream packaged in 3 ounce jars. Give it a try and I bet you fall in love.

Largest Pigeon Trap Made

Largest Pigeon Trap made is now available at Pest Control Products. They always carry the best in pest control solutions. This Pigeon trap measures 24"x36"x48" and comes in six convenient to carry panels. It has bobbin-type doors at each end and never has to be reset. Holds 30-40 pigeons at a single setting. Should be baited with whole kernel corn.