Friday, May 25, 2007

Cherries Jubilee Topping

Cherchies Cherries Jubilee Topping
Serve this exquisite dessert topping either warmed or cold over ice cream, cheesecake, fresh cut fruit, dessert crepes, pancakes and waffles for a spectacular and delicious taste treat!! You'll become addicted to this sweet/tart, mouth-watering topping. Let your imagination run wild! Greater Gourmet


Bully Frog Lure

Venom Lures: Bully Frog
A top water bait that gurgles and pops. Drives fish crazy. This tail design is by far, the best of it's kind.


Fishing Gift Basket

Father's Day is just around the corner, so ChickenMash Farm has created the perfect Gift Basket for your fisherman!
"Reel Fishin" Gift Basket
Contains - Basket, Reel Fishin' Goat Milk Soap, bobbers, Lemon & Pepper seasonings, plastic worms, stringer, beer nuts, trail mix bars and snicker bars.