Friday, January 20, 2006

Astor Chocolate Valentine Bars

These fine Astor Chocolates are perfectly wrapped for Valentine's Day. They come 3 to a package in an acrylic wrapper. It even has it's own gift card ready to give to your Sweetheart. Available from Greater Gourmet's website.

GUTTER-POINTâ„¢ Bird Repellent

GUTTER-POINTâ„¢ Bird Repellent is a gr4eat tool to repel birds from your gutters. It keeps them from perching on gutters and from building nests in your gutters. From Pest Control Products online store. Great invention, guys.

Nitty Gritty Goat Milk Soap

Wouldn't your Valentine just love a foot massage for Valentine's Day? This Nitty Gritty Goat Milk Soap is a perfect hand and foot scrub. Massages while scrubbing away dirt and dead skin cells. I loved the way my hands and feet felt after scrubbing with this soap. Made by Chickenmash Farm.

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse Cake

All the flavor without all the sugar and calories. Lafina Coffee Shop sells this delicious Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse Cake. Would be perfect for if your Valentine is diabetic or just watching their weight. Share this fabulous dessert with the person you love most.

Ladies Western Shirt Sale

Old West Collection- LadiesLong Sleeve Shirt, Snap Solid Fabric3456 Solid Moleskin with Saddle Stitch. A gorgeous red western shirt with diamond snap buttons. Nag's Tack and Western has all of their Roper Shirts on sale right now- 20% off.