Friday, May 12, 2006

Dressed to Kill

Check out this Circle S brand Houston Men's Sportscoat. I love the style of this jacket and my husband looks oh so good in it too! It comes in brown and black. To order one for your man- go to Nag's Tack and Western.

Dog Sun Visors

Check out the site I found while looking for pet supplies. It is called Barms's Doggery and it is a great place to find unique pet items like clothes with matching visors. They even make their own treats!

Cherry Sundae Hand Lotion

Look what I found at ChickenMash Farm's online store. This Cherry Sundae Hand Lotion is one my my daughter's favorites. It is made with real goat milk so it nourishes your skin very well. My daughter is a sports nut so her skin needs alot of nourishment after the day spent in the hot sun. This is her secret to great skin.

Rejex-it® Fog Force Bird Repellant

Rejex-it® Fog Force Bird Repellant (formerly TP-40) is a fogging agent that offers an efficient tool for the management of nuisance birds without harming target and non-target birds or other animals. After several exposures to the fog the birds generally leave the area completely and do not return for the season. I found it at Pest Control Products.

Chai Amore Tahitian Vanilla Cocoa

All I can say about this Chai Amore Tahitian Vanilla Cocoa is that it is simply amazing in flavor! Buy it by the case at Greater Gourmet's website.