Monday, July 31, 2006

Electronic Bird Deterrents

Bird Wailer & Squawker - Electronic Bird Deterrents. Ideal for large scale infestations, crops, fish farms, airport hangars, etc. The Bird Wailer & Squawker are the most technologically advanced electronic bird deterrents available, creating a scare zone where it is uncomfortable for many species of pest birds to remain. Different combinations of electronic and/or natural sounds move randomly from speaker to speaker for varying durations, at variable intervals, decreasing the bird’s familiarity with a pattern, which can happen with conventional scare devices. From Pest Control Products

Hot Pepper Relish

Why not take the taste of downhome to your family reunion this summer. Everyone will love the zesty taste of this awesome Hot Pepper Relish from ChickenMash Farm. All natural! Great on a brat or hot dog.

Golf Tin with Gourmet Snack Mix

Here's a great thank you for your golf buddies or your favorite doctor. Whimsical Golf Tins filled with delicious gourmet snack mix they are sure to love. Would be a wonderful door prize at the country club or for that masculine gift basket. Available from Greater Gourmet.

Truck and Trailer Wash

This naturally balanced solution safely cleans aluminum, steel, paint, plastic and rubber. Your truck, trailer or automobile can sparkle without using synthetic detergents or soap. Use EZ All™, regularly and you won't need to acidize your aluminum trailer. Plus, the solution's non-toxic formula helps reduce further corrosion. It's an easy and natural cleaning solution for your truck and trailer. Check it out at Nag's Tack and Western.