Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mestemacher All Natural Bread Pumpernickel Rounds

What is a family gathering without Pumpernickel Bread with Spinach or Dill Dip? Check out this brand new site with a great variety of Gourmet Foods for special occaions or everyday meals- The Gourmet Food Market

Sunflower Goat Milk Soap

The feel and smell of summer is captivated into this Sunflower Goat Milk Soap. Hand wrapped in sunflower theme fabric. Contains fragrance oil. Each 4 ounce bar contains approximately 1.5 ounces of goat milk from our own goats. The only animal product in our soap is goat’s milk. All soaps are free of dyes. Keep dry in between uses. You can order this scent and many others by going to the ChickenMash Farm website.

Fox Urine to Deter Other Animals

Pest Control Products carries a great tool to deter animals from your lawn or garage. It is Fox Urine. Creates the illusion that foxes are present.Rabbits, groundhogs, woodchuck, skunks,squirrels, and chipmunks react instinctively to their fear of this predator.

Masterson Women’s Tan Distressed Genuine Leather Boot

Check these out. Masterson Women’s Tan Distressed Genuine Leather Boot. Attractively stitched for understated elegance. Great boot for work or dress. R Toe; Comfortable, stylish, affordable Masterson Ladies Boots. I found these at Nag's Tack and Western.

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs

Can't you just see these cute little chocolate frogs laying atop the Easter grass in your child's Easter Basket? From the popular book and movie series- these are Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs. Order in time for Easter at Greater Gourmet.