Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cucumbers & Cream Soy Wax Candle

Here's another great scent from ChickenMash Farm. Cucumbers & Cream Soy Wax Candle is a fresh clean cucumber scent. Awesome smell of summer in your home. Comes in 8oz and 3.75oz size.

Harry and David Chocolate Covered Cherries

If you have ever ordered anything from Harry and David then you know that they only sell the best. The same could be said for Greater Gourmet because they only sell the best gourmet brands. These are one of the many- Harry and David Chocolate Covered Cherries. Delicious!

Super BirdXPeller PRO

Drive pest birds away with Super BirdXPeller PRO! Super BirdXPeller PRO features birds' distress cries on a microchip (supplied by a major American university). The birds perceive danger when they hear these sounds. They become agitated and disoriented: they think their flockmates are in trouble so they flee the area... never to return. For more information go to Pest Control Products.

Roper "Crawford" Horse Saddle

Nag's Tack and Western is the place for anyone looking for a good quality saddle. They carry a wide range of sizes and styles from various manufacturers. This is the "Crawford" Saddle by Roper. You really need to look at the images on Nag's site to see the great craftsmanship in this beauty!