Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Honey Roasted Party Snack Mix

Here's a great snack for that big football game party you are throwing this weekend. Honey Roasted Party Snack Mix with "Martini" band from Greater Gourmet. Even if your friends aren't the "gourmet" type they are sure to love this snack mix.

Silver Dollar Buckle

Wonderfully unique Silver Dollar Belt Buckle by Montana Silversmith's. Montana Silversmiths’ skilled craftsmen are the finest in the western industry. Includes a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar that is 100 or more years old. Patented Coin Bezel. Size 2½ x 3½. A great find at Nag's Tack and Western.

Dyna-Fog Anilelator Machine

Tired of those darn Mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun? Pest Control Products has the perfect solution for you with this Dyna-Fog Anilelator Machine. Your first line of defense against the West Nile Virus.

Citrus Basil Body Spray

Wonderfully sweet scent of Citrus Basil in a wonderful Goat Milk Body Spray. Citrus Basil Body Spray from ChickenMash Farm is a favorite of all the women in my family. It's a fragrant moisturizing body spray with the added bonus of lotion. Packaged in 8.5 ounce spray bottles that creates a fine mist for your entire body.