Monday, August 28, 2006

Insect Light Trap

Tired of swatting away the flies and gnats? Pest-Control Products offers Fly Web Light Trap that plugs into your wall outlet. When the glue card is full simply replace with a new one.

Horse Care Products

For the best selection in horse care products, including vitamins & minerals and hoof & coat conditioner visit Nags Tag and Western.

Snack Canisters

Greater Gourmet has an excellent selection of snack canisters filled with Hunt Club Snack Mix. Choose from a golf motif, horses or wildlife.

Candle Warmers

I love the scent of candles in my home or office but worry about fires. Now Chicken Mash Farms has the answer. Candle Warmers are available with several different ones to choose from. Put the candle in the warmer and plug in - no need to light the wick. The candle slowly melts sending the aroma throught the house.

Spoiled Dogs

Now you can spoil your favorite canine even more!! Barma Doggery has the cooky of the month. You select the size and flavor plus labels can be personalized with the pooch's pciture and name or a message from the giver. One shipment a month for a full year. Visit Barma Doggery for this and other uniquie gifts.