Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Men's / Boy's "Cowboy Up" Fleece Hoodie

Awesome Men's Black Fleece Hoody Top with Cowboy Up Logo. Your husband or son will love this Black Hoodie or is it Hoody? Either way they are very popular now. Even my young sons beg for hoodies to wear. This is from Nag's Tack and Western store.

Weep Hole Vent for Rodent Control

Pest Control Products is always adding the latest and greatest products to their site so that their customers always have the best pest control products available. This is a product I had never heard of before, but I thought it was a useful tool for almost all of us. This is a Weep Hole Vent to keep bugs, mice, snakes, etc. from entering your home through cracks in the foundation.

One of the Most Unique Easter Candies I Have Ever Seen

I've seen alot of really cool things for sale on the net, but this has to be top of the list as far as Easter Candy goes. Gut Springenheide, Boxed Polka Dot Egg Display w/ Chocolate Almond Truffle from Greater Gourmet. They are REAL egg shells filled with chocolate almond truffles. These are awesome and the kids will rave about them! Make this year's Easter one the kids will never forget.

Sea Breeze Body Spray

Sea Breeze Moisturizing Body Spray from ChickenMash Farm. I like the new look guys! You're sure to love this one! It's a fragrant moisturizing body spray with the added bonus of lotion. Packaged in 8.5 ounce spray bottles that creates a fine mist for your entire body. It's their most popular scent. That should say something for the scent.