Monday, December 18, 2006

Bistro Cheeseburger Recipe

A great recipe for a great burger. You'll just have to taste to believe.

Island Delight Soy Wax Candle

A tropical smell with a coconut and almond fragrance.

Super Do Heads

A weedless back button head jig designed by Venom especially for the Super Do and any other small plastic baits. The new head features a 3/0 death grip hook with a 600 eye and special long thin forged wire shank. A dual flexible cable makes this head totally weedless. This new head provided superior hooking ability over any type head or combination hook and weight.

Guylian Opus

An awesome combination of chocolates all in one box. One of the best stocking stuffers around!!

Sheriff Jr. Red Cowboy Hat

Your little cowboy or cowgirl will love this Red sheriff style felt hat with white band and chin strap. It is trimmed with white stitching around the edge.