Monday, July 09, 2007

Quince Preserves

Harvest Song, Quince Preserve
The Queen of all winter fruits. Celebrated as a Christmas fruit in some countries. All natural, No pectin and brought to you by Greater Gourmet, the best online gourmet foods store on the web!


Salt Water Bait Lure

Venom Lures: Sea Swimmers
The Sea Swimmers has the largest thumping tail of any bait of it's size. Big vibrations along with "Real Bait" make it irresistible.


Cosmetic Clay

Bentonite Clay - 4 ounce package
Bentonite clay was called “Ed-Wah-Kee” by native Americans, meaning “The-Mud-That Heals". They would make a paste to pull toxins from wounds. This clay is great for pulling out blackheads. Also can apply to poison ivy or bug bites to help relieve itching. Another fantastic product from ChickenMash Farm.