Friday, July 07, 2006

Dog, Puppy, Cat, or Kitten Adoption - The Humane Society needs your help.

These and many, many more adoptable pets need your help! The Fairfield Area Humane Society is out of room. It has twice as many pets as it is equipped to hold and cannot accept anymore until some have been adopted out to loving homes.

If you are looking for the perfect pet, please check out the Fairfield Area Humane Society website or run on down to the shelter to select your new best friend. They are a no kill shelter and want to remain that way. With your help they can! Please give a pet a forever home and they will be your forever friend!
Click here for more information

Lemon and Dill Seasoning for those Summer Parties

Cherchies Gourmet Seasonings Lem'n Dill Seasoning from Greater Gourmet is wonderful for summer grilling! Great on chicken, fish, eggs, and vegetables. Makes a delicious dip for your seafood. Greater Gourmet even sells a no salt version of this great seasoning. Check it out, and all the rest of their wonderful seasonings at Greater Gourmet's online store.

M o t i o n A c t i v a t e d S p r i n k l e r

Scare animls and humans (if that's a problem) off your lawn. My husband bought one of these Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinklers to keep the rabbits and deer out of our garden and realized that this gadget does double duty. Everytime the Scarecrow sensed an animal approaching the garden it sprays a wave of water to scare the animal away and at the same time the garden gets a little drink too. He's never had so much fun watering the garden! On the hot summer days the kids use it as a sprinkler to play in and when they are finished they just walk away and the sprinkler shuts off. Awesome invention! Every household should have one. You can get one by clicking on this link for Pest Control Products

Western Jewelry Sale

Everytime I check out whats new at Nag's Tack and Western I give a peek to the Jewelry Section. My husband hates it when I do that. *grin* Oh well he'll get over it I think. So anyway, here is my latest find at Nag's....Lucky Cross Jewelry Set by Montana Silversmith's. Silver electroplated cross with blue center stone surrounded by silver plated horseshoe decorated with gold electroplated scroll. So pretty! Sorry Honey!

Rosemary Mango Goat Milk Soap

Check out the latest find at ChickenMash Farms. Rosemary Mango Goat Milk Soap is an earthy smelling herbal soap with mango butter, ground rosemary and rosemary essential oil. Hand wrapped in green calico fabric. Looks great but smells even better. Put some in your guest bath to pamper your guests.