Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breakfast Blend Coffee from Earthsavor

From Earthsavor brand, Breakfast Blend, Organic Blend Coffee!
This coffee is indredible. Smooth, rich and oh so good. I love this Breakfast Blend anytime of the day. Not too harsh so I even have it before bed. I found this brand at Greater Gourmet's online store.


For the Fisherman

Reel Fishin' Goat Milk Soap
A soap made with the fisherman in mind. Contains pure anise oil known by fisherman to attract fish and mask human scent. Hand wrapped in fisherman theme fabric. ChickenMash Farm creates wonderful Goat Milk Soaps for everyone in the family.


Crappie Tubes for Your Fisherman

Venom Lures brings you the best in fishing lures, hooks, rattles, etc. If you need it they have it, trust me. This is their 1 1/2" Crappie Tubes. They make them in a variety of colors for every fishing need.