Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hazelnut Waffles

I love waking in the morning to the smell of these waffles. I have to tell you I cannot keep enough in stock for my children so I just have to keep using Greater Gourmet's services. Thank you if you're listening!

Lip Balm

My son is completley in love with everything the he has gotten from Nags Tack and Western. Since he is always on their website dreaming of being a cowboy he even wanted to get this lip balm. This is suprisingly very good, pick some up today!

Cappuccino soy wax candles

Since my last visit to the doctor I discovered that I need to cut back on my caffeine intake it has been lame. At least I can enjoy the smell once again wtih these cappuccino soy wax candles from Chicken Mash Farm!